Thursday, April 3, 2008

Proof of Concept

Yesterday I completed the Proof of Concept stage. I now have a very simple web application that allows you to choose an MVD from a list, then to view, edit and – most importantly – save individual versions. No searching, comparing or creation of new versions is yet possible. It doesn't check your XML, so if you make a mistake it falls over. Also, it is as ugly as sin. But I don't care. What matters is that it works. The underlying Nmerge platform is pretty solid and has a lot of functionality I haven't yet exposed in the user interface. This should come fairly quickly now. For the moment here are a couple of screen shots, firstly to show how ugly it is, secondly to show what it can do so far:

The MVD file list

Viewing one version of an MVD (transformed into HTML)

Editing one version of an MVD

Unfortunately, I can't publish the software on here because of copyright restrictions on the example texts. Send me an email if you are interested and if you are part of the research group I can probably send you a copy for testing.

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