Thursday, July 2, 2009

Interface 09 and Multi-Version Wiki

We will be presenting a poster at Interface09 at the University of Southampton. There will also be a demo of the multi-version wiki, which I hope will be an iteration further on from that presented at Oulu for Digital Humanities 2008. The new multi-version wiki is simply the old wiki with the new nmerge library added, but that includes support for transpositions, which is kind of important. It is a Jetty 6 based web application that runs inside your browser, and allows you to view and edit MVDs in a variety of intuitive ways.

Digital Variants Portal

Eventually the wiki will be broken up and integrated into the Digital Variants Website I am building. In this form the wiki will be a series of portlets inside a portal. Each portlet conforms to JSR 286 and is implemented in Jetspeed 2. A portal allows the user to configure his or her own interface on the web using the portlet components. It also promotes reuse of the portlets by other parties. We are going for broke with this design: I for one don't believe that deficient or obsolescent technology has any place in designs for the future. If we can build it, we will.

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