Sunday, December 6, 2009

Progress Table for MVD Joomla Components

As I did for nmerge I have drawn up a table for the various components of the Joomla! solution. I'll update this as each component is completed. Red means not done, yellow means partly written, orange means completely written and working but not tested, green means tested. At the current rate of progress this application will take until June to be fully finished and tested, and perhaps even that is optimistic.

The structure is that there will be one component: mvd, which will have a number of views, and one plugin:

view mvd_listView to display a list of available MVDs. Allow user to create new MVDs and delete old ones. Open MVDs for viewing in various ways.
view editversionsView to allow user to edit version information for a given MVD.
view twinView two versions of an MVD side by side.
view singleView a single version of an MVD.
view mseditEdit the source text for a version next to the relevant facsimile page. (NEW)
view singleditEdit the transcription without the accompanying facsimile.
view treeView the genealogy of the versions of an MVD as a phylogenetic tree or stemma. (NEW)
plugin_searchIndexed search plugin for all pages that require it. (NEW)
search siteAdvanced search for files, descriptions and contents. (NEW)
importVarious import options: plain text to MVD, TEI XML to MVD etc. (NEW)
exportExport an MVD to source format (e.g. XML) (NEW)

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