Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Progress on Joomla GUI

The Joomla GUI, which is a replacement for the Alpha web application, is progressing nicely. Although technically I only have incomplete views for listing and choosing the texts, importing into an MVD, and viewing a single version, quite a bit of what is to follow is just an adaptation of the old Alpha application's XSL stylesheets. As a result I expect good progress over the next couple of weeks. It doesn't look like I will have all I wanted for the Book Logic workshop in Sydney after all.

The audience is expected to number around 50 or so, mostly bibliographers, including some famous ones, so it should be a good test. But the majority will be non-technical editorial types so the real challenge will be to get across my ideas to them. Having explained this before I already know that it takes quite a while before people understand the key concepts. But everyone who has listened so far, even starting from a position of extreme scepticism, has in the end always conceded that this is at least an intriguing idea. On the back of that experience, then, conveying anything to 50 people in the space of 10 minutes seems a bit daunting.

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