Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Well I finally got 'compare' to work properly. The delay was caused by having to redesign the 'chunking' mechanism that delivers the text back to the browser as a series of blocks with all the same characteristics. So all the deleted text can be made red, and the inserted blue and the merged black. And the user can click on the black text and be taken to the corresponding part of the compared text. Very important, but also very tricky to get absolutely right. And in this version I had to allow for transpositions, and they are even more complicated. But now at last it works. I will post the project on Google Code in the morning, because I am too tired now.


Several Days Later ...

Almost done testing the code. Just a few minor problems with find (again) and variants. The latter could be quite a useful feature in the GUI. For example, selecting a piece of text could conceivably show its variants dynamically in a sub-window at the bottom. I favour an in-line solution using popup text, but that will have to wait. This feature should demonstrate that we don't need to 'collate' separate physical versions any longer to get this information.

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