Friday, May 8, 2009

A Slight Delay in a Good Cause

OK, I'm not finished yet, when I said I would, but software is like that. Sorry. I decided that in order to really test the program properly I should have a complete test suite that I can run after making any changes to make sure that everything in the release is OK. Well when I say 'make sure' a test can only tell you if a bug is present, not tell you that there are none. But that's a lot better than letting the user find them. If I release something that is incomplete or not fully tested then I know the sceptics will attack the flaws. They will say 'See, it doesn't work, I told you so!' I can't afford that, so I have to be careful. So far I have tests for fourteen out of 16 commands.

I also added an unarchive command to go with the archive command. With 'archive' users can save an MVD as a set of versions in a folder, plus a small XML file instructing nmerge how to reassemble them into an MVD. This contains all the version and group information etc. So if you don't believe the MVD format will last, it doesn't matter. You always have the archive and that is in whatever format the original files were in. A user could even construct such an archive manually. The 'unarchive' command takes this archive and builds an MVD from it in one step.

Here's a progress bar for the tests. Green means there is a test routine and it passes. Yellow means there is a test routine but it doesn't pass yet. Red means there is no test routine and I don't know for sure if it works, but it might. There was an intermittent problem with update, but this is now fixed.


I'm going for a beta version with this release. I think it's good enough.

OK now there's a project on Google code. I must say it was much easier than creating a Sourceforge project. They wanted me to write an epic about it and even then I had to wait 1-3 days for their royal approval. On Google code it was instant. Cool.

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desmond said...

OK, another idea: why not write a simple C-wrapper around nmerge so instead of the user typing "java -jar nmerge.jar ..." they could just go "nmerge ...". Much nicer and not hard to do ... Oh oh, here comes yet another feature that will slow down the release. I'd better leave that to later.